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airplane appliques

Now that I realized how simple it is to take an ordinary shirt and make it adorable, I’m wanting to do this  all the time.  Remember the FIRST time I appliqued the boys shirts?  (Wow, they’ve grown up so much!)  Here is my second attempt.  Now that I’ve discovered fusible interfacing, I think I could do this again.  It really didn’t take long at all.

I used a women’s shirt made of seersucker fabric to make Owen’s shorts and the appliques.  I used this tutorial to guide me.  They were supposed to be for Deacon but they were hip huggers on him and now need to be altered to fit Owen better.  The red polo shirts had to be altered to fit them properly.  The one Owen is wearing is a very misshapen size 3T and the one Deacon is wearing is a misshapen 5T, both hand-me-downs.

Deacon gets really excited about matching Owen.  I was thinking I would make a dinosaur but Deacon insisted on having an airplane.  So that’s what we have.  It’s cute isn’t it?

My husband who dresses much better than I do and is quite clean cut these days says, “So I guess these aren’t meant to be tucked in”.  No, they aren’t.  How in the world do you keep a kid’s shirt tucked in anyway?

3 Responses to “airplane appliques”

  1. ellielaveer

    I totally got the idea from your blog post about making pants. It was rather simple, but I think next time I’ll go for draw string rather than elastic. What do you use?

  2. Jacque

    just adorable! I used to love dressing our boys alike when they were little. You did a great job on these outfits! You are soooo creative! (no surprise there!)


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