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a purse and beautiful flowers

Here are the photos of a purse I made a couple of weeks ago from a FREE pattern.   Switching out the winter purse for the fun spring one is always a delight.  This was my first bag that I made following a pattern.  Again, for someone who doesn’t know a ton about sewing, following a pattern is so much easier because you don’t have to try to wrap your brain around how to get it to work— especially a lined bag.  However, I’m sure that after I follow a few more patterns I could easily make one without a pattern.

Mistakes were made and fortunately a big one was able to be covered up by a button.  But it was fun and is very usable although not terribly large (it should have been bigger than it turned out but like I said….mistakes).  

Do you see the beautiful roses?  They are part of a collection of flowers I got to take home from the Women’s conference at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte.  I was the music leader this weekend and it was SO much fun.  I hope I am invited to lead music for many more conferences.  It’s always so great to be under the teaching of wonderful teachers and in the company of such great Christian women.  

I wish they could stay like this forever.  They smell so wonderful.


2 Responses to “a purse and beautiful flowers”

  1. Jacque

    oh my gosh, you are AMAZING! I LOVE this purse and especially the fabrics and colors! You need to be in business (in your spare time, of course!)

  2. Devona

    I love it. I know you have the right kind of brain to wrap your mind around sewing. I think it takes the same combo of abstract and concrete thinking that playing music needs.

    I want to make a huge version of this bag for my spring bag. Colleen gave me a ton of fabric from her grandmother’s estate, and I have some from Rob’s grandmother’s estate and I could whip something up without spending a dime. Now I just need about an hour or two that doesn’t already have something planned!

    I’ve also been thinking about coming up with a tutorial/pattern you could do with a sewing group. What do you think of a reversable envelope style throw pillow cover?


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