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in the middle of the mall

On Tuesday, I had quite the eventful morning at the mall.  I was with Owen, Deacon and my neice Elylah (age 3) throwing pennies into the water fountain.  I took a few pictures of them and had both my purse and camera on my arm.  My neice was sitting on a bench and must have lost her balance because she fell into the water head first (but she didn’t bump her head).  The current took her slowly away and my only option was to jump into the fountain to get her.  I praise the Lord that she is completely fine.  When I pulled her out of the water, she was most upset that her shoe had fallen off!  

I could not believe the adrenalin rush I had from the whole event.  The only other times I felt like that were when I was giving birth! I was so embarrassed and glad and scared.  Then all day, my brain was filled with the “what if?” questions.  It was really emotional.  Much more emotional for me than Elylah.  She really was over it shortly after it happened.

Oh and later on in the afternoon, a couple of large bruises appeared on my knee and I don’t even remember banging them.  Isn’t that strange?

My phone seems to be working alright and nothing else really got damaged from my purse, but the camera is dead.  So we’ll see how picturesque I can make my blog posts with-out it.  I’m going to call Canon and give them the whole sob story and see if maybe they can make a repair or replace it.  Anyone have connections or mad skills in camera repair?  I was SO happy with the camera and I’ve only had it 5 months.

3 Responses to “in the middle of the mall”

  1. Gus

    Ellie, that is hilarious and courageous all at the same time. I love you, kiddo! Way to save your niece’s life!

  2. Jacque

    I’m glad you posted this first, because you knew I would have to sooner or later. The version I told my cell group in an email was much more detailed…I’ll send you a copy. Of course I wasn’t even there at the time, but I’ve had similar after-shocks as you had. I’m so thankful for your instinctive mothering heart that responded without hesitation. I know we all will laugh about this in years to come but right now it’s still too fresh. We’ll work out something about your camera one way or another…let’s see if Canon steps up and does anything…thank you for saving our precious Elylah. She has promised not to go in the water with her clothes on anymore!


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