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The Square End Neck Tie from TCC

So here’s the newest thing I’ve been working on and I’m really in love with these square end neck ties!  I think they are so fun to make and look so good on my husband!  I made him the one below for a fathers day present and have made a few more since then.  I will try to get them listed on my website soon.  What do you think of them? 

Since everyone has an opinion on how I price my items (most people tell me I should raise them, but i resist).   I’m curious what you have to say.  If you are the kind of person who would purchase this for a gift or for yourself and you’d like to suggest a reasonable price knowing it is handmade and mostly sewn by hand, please e-mail me at and share your thoughts with me.  I’d love to hear them!

8 Responses to “The Square End Neck Tie from TCC”

  1. Miguel

    I really like this tie. I saw something with a similar pattern at JCrew, but the square end really makes this special.

  2. Brooke Saucier

    Love it! On my last resale shopping spree, I found a square-end tie from Arrow, of all places. I’ll sport it this week.

    I agree with the general consensus, that the square-end of your madras makes it extra special. A conversation-starter, pretty much…


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