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“So Ellie, What do you do?”  The answer changes all the time depending on who asks me and what mood I’m in.  I’m a Homemaker, Wife, Mother, Singer, Songwriter, Bowtie Maker, Seamstress, and Choir teacher… to name a few.   In June 2009, I began making bow ties and it’s become a rather fun adventure for me.  I’m learning what it is like to start a business, nurture my craft and care for my family and home at the same time.  We live in South Carolina and even though I’m not a native southerner, I really do enjoy our culture down here.

This blog is a collection of whatever gets me excited. Here you’ll find things like my most recent thrift store find, a beautiful photo of my child, a recipe, a craft, an idea for a new song or my most recently made bow tie.

Join me on this journey, Won’t you?



11 Responses to “About”

  1. Sharon Joy

    Hey, Ellie!

    I had a few minutes of browsing time…so I came to your blog to be inspired! So many things you’ve posted that I have well-loved over the years…, my More With Less cookbook…I was so excited to read that there was someone around with similar exquisite tastes! Hope you guys are great!

  2. *Taz*

    Thank you for coming through to my blog and showing love.. you said that you have been making seersucker bowties for some time now… If so, could i get your information to talk about a possible purchase and how you began this entreprenuership..
    thank you

  3. Paul South

    Dear Mrs. Stager:
    Thanks for a wonderful site. Love the ties. Also, thanks for the brief discussion of Reformation Day parties. As a more theologically reformed member of the student body here at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, I appreciate it.
    Paul South

  4. David


    I too am a bow tie maker. Where do you buy your fabric? I have not been able to find good silk.

    By the looks of your site you do some great work, everything looks very professional. I look forward to your response.



  5. aimee

    Hi Ellie,
    I am trying to find a yellow and white seersucker bowtie for my boyfriend for a christmas gift. I has to be self tied and not a clip and I was hoping you would be able to help me. I saw the seersucker ties for the little guys, but are you able to make them for an adult? I know he would love it if I could get it for him. Thanks!

  6. Jeremy

    Hi Ellie,

    I’ve been going nuts trying to find some sliders to try my hand at making some ties. Do you have any concrete leads on where I could get some? I need about 10. Thanks in advance for your help!


  7. Eric


    I am so disappointed that your scarves have sold out. I sent you an email, after adding one to the cart, asking about the color available while there was still stock available.

    I have a feeling that the contact form on your website does not work. I will be ordering some ties from you, but I am very saddened by the scarves being gone.


  8. Alice Bryant

    I am interested in having a boys bow tie made to match his suit. He is our ringbearer. He also lives in SC. However I am near Nashville, and would like to know if you use your customer’s material? Please let me know and what the yardage and cost is. Thank you very much. Alice

  9. Isaac Chery


    Please send me information on bow ties. I want to order for me and my two boys.


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