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How do I tie a bow tie?

How do I order a bow tie?

How can I get you to convert my neck tie for me?

  • You send me your tie and I will mail it back to you within a week – unless otherwise stated.  Please e-mail me at to let me know what I should be expecting.  It is easiest for me to convert wide ties because it gives me more silk to work with.  I will mail you back your former neck tie with new bow tie interfacing and sliders to make it fully functional for you as a bow tie to show off to all your friends.  The fee to convert ties is $23 and I gladly accept tips.

Do you make children’s ties?

  • I can make children’s bow ties and neck ties.  I could even turn papa’s old neck tie into a tie for the little one.  Children’s ties are $18.  Any bow ties that you see in my store can most likely be also made in children’s sizes.  The ties are pre-tied and made with elastic that wraps around the collar and fastens with velcro.  I can also make freestyle ties for older boys.

Can you make a large amount of ties for my wedding?

  • Well, sure.  If you are not sure if you want to buy all 15 ties at once, you can just order one tie as a sample.  You can also send me the fabric to make ties out of.  I’m hoping that someone will send me tartan fabric someday to make wedding ties.  That would be so cool!  I love making ties for weddings.  I also love it when you show me your wedding photos so I can see how awesome my ties look on your dapper wedding party.

Do you make each tie after it is ordered?

  • All of the ties except the neck-tie to bow tie conversions are made after I am paid for an order.  This gives me the flexibility to make a bow tie customized to your liking.  

What styles of bow ties can you make?

  • I can do whatever you want.  My standard is the 2 3/8″ butterfly, but I also make diamond point, straight bow ties, and narrow butterfly ties.

Do you accept returns?

  • Thankfully, no one has returned a tie to me but I will accept returns or do my best to get you something that works best for you.  However, I cannot give refunds for large custom orders or conversions from your neck ties because they are such specialized orders that I may not be able to resell.

5 Responses to “FAQ’s”

  1. s masty

    how much silk does it require to make a bow-tie, and what would it cost to make one from my own cloth? many thanks indeed!

    • ellielaveer

      It would require minimum of 1/4 yard of fabric to make a tie. I charge $23 for this service. Same as I would if you provided a neck tie for me to convert into a bow tie. Thanks for asking!

  2. Brian

    so, would you consider selling step by step instructions on how you make the bow ties?

  3. Christa

    Loved visiting your blog. I found it by goggling the recipe for Starbucks banana bread recipe. When you have time, check out my new blog Your blog is an inspiration.


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