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Samples of boys bow ties and neck ties


Here’s my little man in his very own freestyle bow tie.  It was a little tricky trying to keep him still long enough to get it tied, but it also clips in the back so I don’t have to re-tie it every time.  Doesn’t he look so cute?  Like he’s just come home from a dinner party.


It’s amazing how good it looks all tied up.  It totally looks like the real deal, even on a child.


And here is Big Brown Eyes in a sample bow tie and a sample neck tie I made for a friend of mine who sells my bow ties through HER children’s clothing boutique business.  We’re hoping these fabrics sell well for Easter.  The top one is a 100% cotton blue and green gingham and the second is a seersucker blue and yellow gingham.   I’ll try to get more children’s things listed on the Store soon.  I have more fun children’s fabrics I’m excited to play with.

Maybe someone will see this cute boy of mine and hire him as a model.  And make us rich.  Or at least pay for the cute kid’s college.  Come to think of it, I put him in shoes too big for him today, and he got a nice strawberry rug burn on his forehead.  It may have been a modeling career-ending spill.

6 Responses to “Samples of boys bow ties and neck ties”

  1. Mr. Realist

    Makeup can cover up all kinds of visual unpleasantries. Surely you’ve seen pictures of celebreties without makeup? Pamela Anderson (a grotesquerie to start with) looks horrendous without the aid of heavy makeup.

    Besides, boys are scab, bruise, and scar factories (as though I had to tell you that!).

    Oh, and great ties. I hope the ginghams are going to be available as adult bowties (hint, hint).

  2. kisha generette

    I would love to order a couple of freestyle bowties for my 5 yr old. Is that possible. I normally buy jcrew or vineyard vines, but options are limited…and they definitely don’t have the freestyle option 🙂


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